There are many types of tempered what is tempered glass film film, what’s the difference and how to choose?
Using micro louver optical technology, the screen data is specially designed for users to read from a 60-degree front angle. When the angle of view is greater than 60 degrees, the content on the screen cannot be seen clearly, and the screen content is presented at a 28-degree angle of view Blurred state, suitable for protecting trade secrets and personal privacy. Existing privacy film products are combined with the original anti-reflective film, UV-resistant film, mirror film, and radiation-proof film, and added the new function of privacy-proof film. of. From the beginning of right and left 90 degrees privacy protection to the current right and left, 360 degrees privacy protection Although many friends like to use mobile phone bare metal, they still can't stop the public's footsteps after buying a mobile phone and then buy a tempered film. Anti-scratch and anti-shock still play a big role, but the more sold the tempered film, the problem Here, what's the best choice for high-transparent, anti-blue light, etc.? The surface layer is a matte layer, which can effectively resist the invasion of fingerprints, leaving no traces when the finger slides; even if liquid residues such as sweat are left, it can be cleaned by lightly wiping it with hands, what is tempered glass film ensuring the visual effect of the screen to the greatest extent. The material is processed through a special process, which can effectively prevent reflections and reduce the problem of screen reflection in sunlight or lights. There are many types of tempered what is tempered glass film film, what's the difference and how to choose?
There are many types of tempered what is tempered glass film film, what's the difference and how to choose?
These are hot selling function tempered glass in the northern marketing ,according to your interest choose you like .Make your life more colorful and colorful. Anti-blue light protective film is a newly emerging screen protection film on the market. Compared with traditional protective films, in addition to anti-scratch, waterproof and anti-peeping functions, the most distinctive feature is the use of German The top eyeo2 oxygen eye anti-blue light technology can effectively block the high-energy short-wave blue light from the mobile phone to the human body, which protects the eyes and prevents myopia. This film is represented by a purple anti-blue light protective film. Originally originated in Japan. When the main screen backlight goes out, the protective film acts as a mirror. Text and images can be displayed normally through the film when the backlight is turned on. The film is divided into 5 to 6 layers, and one layer is subjected to aluminum evaporation treatment. Use this layer to reflect external light to achieve the mirror function. Its light transmission is low, and the biggest weakness is hurting the eyes. Nowadays, more than 60% of our time except for sleeping time is facing the mobile phone, and the light transmittance of the mirror film is not high and the mirror effect will reflect the surrounding light, causing extreme eyestrain. High-definition visual effects, tempered glass with security film